Open to any legal resident of the United States or Canada, born on or before July 1, 1999 The Organizers reserve the right to verify the date of birth of the player and revoke the rank(s) and prize(s) in case of any non-compliance. Cricket Bee™ may disqualify, prior to or during the competition, any player who is not in compliance with any of its eligibility requirements or rules & regulations; and it may—at any time between the commencement and conclusion of the Cricket Bee™—require any player who is found to have not been in compliance with any of the eligibility requirements and rules & regulations to forfeit the prizes, rank, and other benefits awarded to the player as a result of participation in the Cricket Bee™.


All players must register online.

There will be NO on-site registration. It is the responsibility of the player to register on-line before the registration deadline as applicable to each center. The deadline for registration is 48 hours prior to your regional center date.

Registration Deadlines:

Bay Area: July 7, 2017
Dallas: July 14, 2017
Chicago: July 20, 2017
New Jersey: July 23, 2017
Toronto: July 27, 2017


At Each Regional:
1st Prize: $300
2nd Prize: $200

At The Final:
Champion: $10,000
Runner Up: $2,500

Contest Format:


On the designated contest date, players will be given a written test consisting of 35 multiple-choice questions. The questions must be answered in 35 minutes. To qualify for the Regional Oral Round, players must answer 25 or more questions correctly. Regional Oral Rounds: The Regional Oral Rounds will each be conducted on a miss-and-out basis until one player is left. At this point, the remaining player will be given a championship question, which if answered correctly, will make the player the Regional Champion. Prizes are awarded to the Regional Champ and First & Second Runners-Up. The top two winners from each region will move on to the FINALS, to be held in NJ.


Finals Procedure and Criteria:

  • The top 3 finalists from each region will be invited to participate in the final on August 12th at New Jersey.
  • The finalists will be expected to arrive by 7pm on August 11th, 2017 and report to the designated hotel.
  • The finalists will be provided with two nights accommodation at the designated Hotel in NJ.
  • All Canadian Finalists must have valid travel documents to enter the United States.

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Written Contest: The player will be given 35 minutes to complete their written test. At the end of the written segment all answer sheets will be scored and the qualifying names of players announced.
  • Role of the Umpire: The Umpire will conduct the Oral round and will ask the question for each player. The Player will have 60 seconds to answer the question.
  • Role of the Player: During the Oral Contest a player must listen carefully to the question and answer to the best of their knowledge within 60 seconds.
  • If all players in a round miss: If none of the players remaining in Cricket Bee™ at the start of a round answer correctly during that round, ALL remain in the competition and a new round begins.
  • If only one player in a round answers correctly: If only one player answers correctly in a round, a new one-question round begins and the player is given an opportunity to answer the next question on the list. If the player succeeds in correctly answering the anticipated championship question in this one-question round, the player is declared the champion.
  • End-of-bee procedure:

If a player misses the anticipated championship question in a one-question round:

If a player misses the anticipated championship question in a one-question round: A new round begins with ALL the players who answered in the previous round. These players answer in their original order.

Example: In Round 8 there are three players. Player 12 answers correctly and Players 23 and 37 miss. Round 9—a one-question round—begins, and Player 12 is offered the anticipated championship question. Player 12 misses the anticipated championship question. Round 10 begins and includes Players 12, 23, and 37. The rules prescribe that those players 12, 23, and 37 answer in their original order; so Player 12 gets the next question on the list even though Player 12 missed the previous question on the list. Round 10 is not complete until all three players have answered.

  • Notice of rules: All payers and audience members should familiarize themselves with the rules of Cricket Bee™.
  • Misunderstandings: The umpire is not ultimately responsible for the player’s misunderstanding of a question.
  • Umpire errors: If a question is incorrect or the answer is factually wrong, the player may appeal.
  • Disqualifications for reasons other than incorrect answer: The judges will disqualify a player (1) who refuses a request to start answering; (2) who does not approach the microphone when it is time to receive the question; (3) who does not comply with the eligibility requirements or rules and regulations; (4) who engages in unsportsmanlike conduct; or (5) who, in the process of answering, utters unintelligible or nonsense sounds.
  • Missing: The player may appeal to the judges for the player’s reinstatement, provided that the appeal is in compliance with the appeal protocol. The judges render a final decision on the appeal in accordance with the reinstatement protocol.
  • Appeal protocol: A written appeal must be hand delivered to the designated official (usually Cricket Bee™ coordinator/director). The deadline for delivering an appeal is before the affected player would have received his/her next question had he/she stayed in Cricket Bee™; however, to minimize disruptions to Cricket Bee™, every effort should be made to deliver an appeal by the end of the round in which the player was eliminated. When five or fewer players remain, the written appeal requirement is suspended, and an oral appeal must be made before the player would have received his/her next question had he/she stayed in Cricket Bee™. A written appeal must provide: the player’s name, the question, and the reason the player should be reinstated. While the competition is in session, individuals who have filed appeals may not directly approach the judges unless explicit permission to approach the judges has been given. The judges will contact the player if they decide to reinstate the player. To minimize disruption to the pace of Cricket Bee™ and the concentration of the players, the judges are under no obligation to stop Cricket Bee™ in order to discuss with the player’s parent(s), legal guardian, or teacher a denied appeal. The judges’ decisions are final and are subject neither to review nor to reversal by any authority.
  • Disqualification request: An appeal seeking to dislodge another player from Cricket Bee™ should be denied.

On the Day of the Contest:

  • Players must report to the check-in desk and present their online registration receipt and any one form of photo ID for the player.
  • After check-in, players will be issued Buttons that must be worn at all times during the contest.
  • It is the responsibility of the players to be present at the contest room 30 minutes before the contest starts. Latecomers will not be allowed to compete in the contests.
  • Familial interruption in any form during the contest is unacceptable and the organizers reserve the right to ask the disruptive member to leave the contest venue or face disqualification of the player.
  • In any dispute, decision of the judges is final.
  • The Organizers reserves the right to conduct a tie-breaker and/or announce joint winners or declare winners based on criteria that it deems fit to end the contest in a timely manner.
  • Any changes to the rules will be announced before the start of the competition, but the judges always have the right to change rules on site without prior notice if the situation warrants. All decisions made by the judges are final.
  • No videography, nor the use of cell-phone cameras, is permitted during the contests. The organization reserves the right to take photos and videos for its use.
  • A contest may not take place on the designated date under circumstances beyond the control of the Touchdown Media Inc. In such cases, the Touchdown Media Inc. will try to reschedule the contest at a later date. However, Touchdown Media Inc., its officers, and volunteers are not responsible for any other consequences, in any form, as a result of such circumstances.

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