What is the Cricket Bee?

The Cricket Bee will be a contest that tests the knowledge of cricket enthusiasts across the country.

What are the requirements to participate in the Bee?

Open to all legal U.S. and Canadian Residents, 18 years of age or over.

When and where will the Cricket Bee be held?

The Bee will be held in 5 Centers in 2017

  • Bay Area – July 9
  • Dallas – July 16
  • Chicago – July 22
  • New Jersey – July 23
  • Toronto – July 29

Finals will be held in New Jersey on August 12, 2017

How will these contests be conducted?

Players will be asked to register online at our website: and enroll for participation at their nearest center. Subsequently on the designated day, they will be administered a written examination from which top scorers will then advance to the Oral round. The regional champ and the first runner up will then move on to the FINALS contest to be held in NJ.

How do I prepare for the Cricket Bee?

The Cricket Bee is a fun and exciting way to test your own knowledge of the game and it’s trivia. While a sample set of questions are provided after registration, one must read up on the history of the game, its glorious moments, about different teams, players and other general knowledge of the game.

Can I bring my family and friends to watch?

Yes, of course! We want you to have your own cheering squad, so feel free to bring more people to watch and cheer you on. There is no fee. Seating is open.

Is there a Fee for registration?

No. There is no registration fee

What is the deadline for registration?

The Deadline for each regional center is 48 hours prior to the event.

How do I know my registration status?

Once the registration is complete, an automated email will be sent to you confirming your registration

What if I get an error in using Online Registration?

In case of errors, please call 1 848 248 4199 for customer service.

I do not live in the same city where the Cricket Bee is held, what do I do?

You can choose any regional center as per your convenience. Any Player can be registered to any ONE of the regional centers even if the Player does not reside in that area. However, ONE Player can ONLY participate in ONE center for the duration of the contest season.